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Vanessa Randle | Graphic Recorder

Vanessa RandallAnn has a real talent for capturing material, ideas and information in a visual way. As a Visual Practitioner myself Ann has supported me in capturing events where we have worked as a team to create a large graphic that reflects the conversation in the room.

Ann is easy to work with and adopts a professional, yet relaxed style and approach to her work. She was my first choice when looking for a graphical colleague to be part of a team and to work with me on a particular project.  Her enthusiasm for working in a visual way is contagious; she will happily contribute ideas and suggestions and is happy to work in whatever way will get the job done.

Like me, she loves all things penlike, creative and graphical. Her work is fresh, clean and stylish. In a nutshell Ann is a pleasure to work with and brings a host of facilitation, learning and creative skills and experience to the mix.

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